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The Gay Flag

Come Out


As drops of rain trickled down the window, moonlight glistening upon them and the rain pouring down furiously, a couple (a boy and a girl) are seated in their dorm room waiting for a taxi. You see, it’s a Friday night and in campus, they are obliged to ‘fall’ (kudunda) lest they become the boring couple that stays home on a Friday night. The Truman Show is showing on the screen. They are re-watching for the umpteenth time because they think it’s deep. They are deep, these two.

The girl’s phone pings; the taxi has arrived.

He dashes to the washroom because that’s the kind of person he is, the ones that find things to do at the last minute, just when it is time to leave. It irks her all the time. She picks up her phone, then his. She is ready to leave immediately he’s done with his business, until he sees a funny message on his phone.

He rushes out of the loo to leave when he sees her distressed. Breathing and heaving like an angry bull ready to charge. He could have sworn he saw smoke escaping her nostrils and fire in her eyes. She was furious. Then he saw her holding his phone and he knew.


Boy: Hey, we should leave now. Let’s not keep the taxi fella waiting. (in a shaky voice)


Girl: Wha… Who’s… What’s this? (pointing his phone)


Boy: What’s what?




Boy: I don’t. Can you please relax, let’s talk like adults.


Girl: Who’s calling you ‘babe’? Why is she calling you ‘babe’?


Boy: You went through my phone? (in a feigned angry voice. He just wants to survive this argument)


Girl: I did. I don’t care! You must think I’m stupid saving her as ‘Movie guy.’ You thought you’d never be caught, eh?


Boy: Well, it’s just… (stattering) It’s just… She gives me a different idea…a different understanding about    myself. I can step out of this house and… I can sit up in her house and laugh I can just be a part of myself that I’ve never been. Do you understand what I’m saying? I can laugh out loud…and it feels good. It reaches all the way down to the bottom of my shoes.


Girl: Stop f-cking quoting Fences! You think this is a joke. (She hurls the phone at him. He misses and it smashes against the wall.)


Boy: (nervous chuckle) Sorry. I don’t know what to tell you. Just… Sorry.


Girl: For how long? For how long have you being seeing her?


Boy: A month now.


Girl: (sobbing) why are you doing this to me? To us?


Boy: Please don’t cry. I’m sorry. I don’t know why it happened. I can’t explain it. I don’t love…


Girl: Shut up. You are not allowed to use that word!


[Her phone rings. It’s the taxi guy. She tells him to leave, they’re not going out.]                 


What’s her name?


Boy: It doesn’t matter, babe. (He’s approaching her, to hold her – console her)


Girl: Don’t touch me. I need to know her name.


Boy: It’s… I have tell you something.


Girl: JUST TELL ME HER NAME! You have the audacity to run around behind my back, whoring around and you can’t spit out a damn name! Be a man. GROW A P…


Boy: I’m gay. ‘Her’ name is Frank.


[Crickets chirp from a distance. Frogs croaks. The room is silent until she bursts out laughing. A laugh that sounds like a cough from laughing and crying at the same time. He is pulling a Kevin Spacey.]


Girl: That’s what you’ll go with. So I feel sympathetic and take you back (in infuriated crescendo), solving a problem with a problem, lying after I’ve already caught you in a lie? I’m a fool having ever loved a devil like you.


Boy: It’s the truth. I’ve found out just recently that I’m… this way. He’s the movie guy by the tack shop in Hostel 5.


Girl: Let’s call him then. I want to hear his… her voice.


Boy: Then let’s.


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