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Be Happy

To the few loyal cordial readers, I’m aware I didn’t post last week. I won’t just go on and assume it never happened and you’re left wondering, “Is this ninja here really going to ignore what he did?” I don’t want it to be awkward, the pretending it never happened. You know, like when you fart […]

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No happy endings

Life hasn’t always been good to him. In fact, it’s never been good to him. To him, it’s been that girl that treats you like shit because you’re too ‘uncool’ for her. Eventually, you’ll get used to this girl and she won’t have the power to hurt you anymore. As is his life now, he’s […]

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I am Woman

Reading this, I visualized a girl; a high school girl somewhere in Eldoret at the national music festivals. She wants to become a hotshot lawyer, like Jessica Pearson in Suits. She wants to serve justice to all those women suffering domestic violence. Speaking of, did you see the lady whose arms were chopped off by […]

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