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Carm Berzatto of The Bear in his restaurant's kitchen

The Bear

It was brought to my wandering attention by fellow internet users that a new show was out and catching the adoration of cinephiles and non-cinephiles worldwide. The show goes by ‘The Bear,’ and the internet fellas pointed out that it was unique and even superb in the cinematography, plot, and acting departments.  Obviously, I ignored […]

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Shit Detergent

[zilla_likes] About nine months ago, I moved from my bedroom to my first house. It’s a house that sits on the second floor of an old housing block; eleven years to be exact. I love most things about it but there are things that make me want to slit my wrists with a Nacet razor […]

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Life Being Life

[zilla_likes] Two dozen years hasn’t felt like much. My whole life has been in school. And I haven’t really ‘lived’. And by that I mean, I haven’t had my chunk of high stakes responsibilities or enough experiences to warrant living. There’s too many unchecked boxes. Too many interests I want to pursue, that I believe […]

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everything will be okay

Everything Will Be Okay

[zilla_likes] A glistening bottle of Gilbeys Gin sits at the center of the table. On one side of the table is Jamo, my colleague from work, on the other is me. Our glasses sit empty before us, we’ve just had a shot. I’m buzzed. We are at an army mess. Everything is half price here. […]

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a love language

A Love Language

[zilla_likes] Some friends will tell you that they love you. Some friends, the stoic ones, will call you stupid to say they love you. They won’t say it maliciously, they’ll say it in jest. You’ll know all they mean is love. It’s like when you’re chatting up a girl and you make a joke and […]

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