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Be Happy

To the few loyal cordial readers, I’m aware I didn’t post last week. I won’t just go on and assume it never happened and you’re left wondering, “Is this ninja here really going to ignore what he did?” I don’t want it to be awkward, the pretending it never happened. You know, like when you fart […]

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Maya and Phones

Last weekend I went to ocha –one of those shindigs Nairobi city-slicker relatives organize to get away from the city’s hullabaloo and pell-mell. They want to get away from car loans and mortgages, from rude bosses and crazy matatu drivers, from assignments and deadlines. They want to run away from the sad charade they have […]

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About a boy

I don’t think this article needs an intro. So I’ll just get on with it. He is born in the mid-nineties in a hospital somewhere in Eastleigh, Marie Stopes Hospital. After 6hrs of labor, he breaks out –or rather, he’s cut out– a rosy hearty 3.7kg babe ready to take on the world. He’s also […]

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