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A Priest Is Born

Michael writes like a writer, his thoughts when he writes are not strewn all over the place like mine. They are short and snappy. I think not all writers write like writers, others write like physicists who decided to try their hand in writing. But lucky for us, writing is not defined or limited to […]

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Very Random Thoughts

The rain droplets compete on my windowpane. Quick Sidenote: I read about a supreme group called the Bohemian Grove made up of wealthy men that secretly rule the world. Elliot of Mr. Robot calls them ‘The top 1% of the top 1%, the guys that play God without permission.’ These men hold annual meetings and […]

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2017 into The New Year 2018

Highlights: 2017

The year has come to an end and frankly, I didn’t have deep introspective moments like meeting a dying man who gave me the secret to life. I would love to blame it on my ‘lack of financial freedom’ (read: broke as hell) but really it’s my meagerness in the adventurous spirit. That’s why I […]

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Girl by The Pool

I’m at a hotel somewhere along Thika Road. Let’s go swimming, they said, and although I don’t know how to, I tagged along. Now me not knowing how to swim is no lie, I have no idea. Not a clue. Throwing me in water is like pulling a trigger to my head, Kurt Cobain style. I […]

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The Gay Flag

Come Out

As drops of rain trickled down the window, moonlight glistening upon them and the rain pouring down furiously, a couple (a boy and a girl) are seated in their dorm room waiting for a taxi. You see, it’s a Friday night and in campus, they are obliged to ‘fall’ (kudunda) lest they become the boring […]

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