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The super highway pierces through the small town like a deranged surgeon, and beneath it, forms a cool but dusty shade where a small town lives and blossoms. Githurai, for folk not fortunate enough to know it, is a small town that thrives under insecurity, immense dust, loud noises emanating from buses and their touts, […]

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Smelly T-shirts

There’s nothing as refreshing as leaving the digs at 7am and watching as the world sets off for the day. It’s beautiful at that time; the orange sunlight, the cool breeze and the assortment of people you meet at that time, from Mama Mboga opening her joint to a secretary in a short skirt who […]

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No happy endings

Life hasn’t always been good to him. In fact, it’s never been good to him. To him, it’s been that girl that treats you like shit because you’re too ‘uncool’ for her. Eventually, you’ll get used to this girl and she won’t have the power to hurt you anymore. As is his life now, he’s […]

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