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Ruined Dates

I honestly have nothing solid to write about this week. I wanted to write a small story on my first time voting and call it “My First Time Voting” but I thought against it. It sounds like those compositions we wrote after school holidays in primary school, and this is a blog, not a composition […]

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How A Man Cries

It was all new to me when I started blogging. It was a small universe that existed independently and silently without disturbing the rest of the world. They called it the Blogosphere. Its few inhabitants were mostly young artistic people who saw the world in a different way, for what it really was. As a […]

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Imagine This

For the longest time, all you can remember are thuds from the next room. Thuds that were accentuated by vehement screams and groans. If not the screams and bangs, then it’s profanities and insults being hurled in the air through the night. In the morning, they continue to hang in the air like a bad […]

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