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cows and sheep grazing in a field

The Fifth

[zilla_likes] Imagine me sitting at my desk and writing this. My head is hanging low, a clear indication of my shame for not posting in a while, even after I’d made some cute promises on this post. I’m so ashamed that I can’t look my laptop in the face. It’s a miracle this is typo-free. […]

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Loyalty > Love

[zilla_likes] Every day, I trust human beings less and less. It’s the stories I hear of lengths human beings have gone to hurt another. It’s the billion dollar entertainment industry built on our vices and shortcomings as a people. It’s politicians who promise us the world and deliver nothing after a decade in office. It’s […]

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Broken Marriage

Fathers and Sons

[zilla_likes] Jimmy sat still at the wheel of his car. The basement parking lot was murky and silent which wasn’t unusual being a rainy Sunday in the CBD. Outside, the soft patters of the rain hit the ground in harmony. They were slow and lazy and hadn’t changed pace for the half hour he had […]

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Dear Future Wife

[zilla_likes] You are probably in bed, 2am with the lights off, reading this post with the illuminating screen shining on your pretty face. You are in a long t-shirt, those promotional ones you got from a Tuzo visit back in primary when they sponsored a spelling competition that you came in 2nd. You cried that […]

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