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A Cake Affair

By Mike Muthaka Freelancing is tough bana. Clients ‘forget’ to pay. You have to send reminder Emails, and call, and leave like six messages–signed off with airless phrases like ‘kind regards’. You have to sit with your legs crossed and ask for what is rightfully yours.   You made good on your promise. You wrote […]

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party lovers II

Party Lovers II

[continued from previous post] “Hi.” I start. The Hi comes out weak. Like the meow of a dying kitten. It’s those embarrassing moments you just can’t take back, like when you sneeze and a loud wet fart slips through the other hole mistakenly. In public. I am embarrassed. And when I’m embarrassed like this, I […]

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party lovers

Party Lovers

My attraction towards her is solely caused by the imaginations I have of what I’d want to do her on a bed. She doesn’t know this. She’s in a circle of four girls. They’re all holding red cups with liquor. One of them has a dying cig hanging from her fingers. I am staring at […]

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