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altar boy

Altar Boy

It has been two years since he set foot in a church, not even in weddings; he only attended the receptions. He can’t exactly remember at what point he fell off, he missed the first Sunday and that was it. He was brought up in a staunch Christian household. He learnt to pray when he […]

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rape story

A Rape Story

Imagine a girl arriving at a party she had waited all week for to blow off some steam. Imagine her dressing up that evening with her girlfriends, deciding what dress to wear and what shoes to pick although she’d already picked them out a week ago when she was told about the party. Imagine how […]

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A Priest Is Born

Michael writes like a writer, his thoughts when he writes are not strewn all over the place like mine. They are short and snappy. I think not all writers write like writers, others write like physicists who decided to try their hand in writing. But lucky for us, writing is not defined or limited to […]

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Very Random Thoughts

The rain droplets compete on my windowpane. Quick Sidenote: I read about a supreme group called the Bohemian Grove made up of wealthy men that secretly rule the world. Elliot of Mr. Robot calls them ‘The top 1% of the top 1%, the guys that play God without permission.’ These men hold annual meetings and […]

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Broken Marriage

Fathers and Sons

Jimmy sat still at the wheel of his car. The basement parking lot was murky and silent which wasn’t unusual being a rainy Sunday in the CBD. Outside, the soft patters of the rain hit the ground in harmony. They were slow and lazy and hadn’t changed pace for the half hour he had been […]

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